Why you need to start making videos

In today’s age of information technology, our senses are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information poured over us; news, opinions, reviews, information, messages, forums, entertainment… the list is endless. With so much of data, our generation has developed a very strong filtration system about what gets inside the head. The average attention span of the audience has been reduced to 8 seconds. If people find it interesting within first 8 seconds, only then they will spend more time on it. That means in the race for attention, the chances of text content are already slim. Images can capture attention but an image won’t convey much of a message and can be easily forgotten. So what’s the alternative? Honestly, it’s videos and here’s why:

  • Video content has become the most preferred form of entertainment, communication, and information. There is an overwhelming inclination towards video content. This is aptly demonstrated by the ever-increasing number social media platforms that support videos; may it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Whatsapp. Youtube, a social media platform created only for videos is currently the 2nd most popular with a whopping 1.3 billion users. It is expected that videos content would dominate the internet as the leading source of traffic.
  • In the world bombarded with static data, the movement on the screen of the computer or the mobile easily captures the attention. An image may be more appealing than the text but nothing highlights the message in an emotionally appealing and in attractive, content-rich format like a video.

  • Virtual reality delivers an unprecedented degree of prospects and possibilities to companies. Undoubtedly, virtual reality fused with video content would certainly offer tremendous opportunities that would help fulfill an assortment of marketing and promotional objectives. Although the prospects and opportunities of VR are still being explored, it is certain that VR is the future.

Bottom line is that when it comes to content creation, videos have taken the center stage and would remain relevant for a very long time. The pervasiveness of video constant and the unrelenting demand for more is a clear indication of this fact.
As you plan to ride this wave, Having an accurate assessment of your target prospects is imperative for success. When you create a content that fulfills organisational and marketing objectives while appealing to target audiences in the most compelling way, you have created quality video content while pushing the frontiers of what video content can accomplish.

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  1. I just wanted to say I love reading your blog and following your journey. You are a brilliant writer and always leave me inspired with very thought provoking posts. So I wanted to say thank you so much for putting it online for us to follow.

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