10 must have gadgets for an Architect of today

It’s already mid-2017. It’s a far cry from the days that I learnt architecture when the tools of the trade were pretty simple. Paper and pencil would do it for most architects and their practices. However today as with their peers from other design fraternities, an architect has to be tech savvy in his practice, have aides, that arm them with the latest in technology. Below are a few tools that I am sure will help you guys accessorise your practice to achieve great ease and optimisation in work.

1. reMarkable paper tablet

Now, this one is not out in the market yet. But I liked this tablet for its pen and paper feel concept. Though I love reading books on a Kindle, I would still prefer paper books; but we are moving towards an eco-friendly world, aren’t we? Write, sketch, save and share all made incredibly easy and with the old paper – pencil charm.

Available for pre-order at remarkable.com

2. Cube

Now this one is a portable colour digitaliser. Ever heard of that thing? Is it important for an architect? Yes, I would say. This thing allows you to capture any colour, on any surface, with the tap of a button.
Take some time to explore some other cool products that Palette ( The company that makes the Cube) has on its website. Fancy. But the Cube is a sure must have.

Available on ebay.in and palette.com. I am sure they will ship to India.

3.  Satechi Type-C USB 3.0 3-in-1 Combo Hub

Most of us use MacBooks at work. They are by far the best presentation tools in the market. And frankly speaking there is almost no other laptop that comes close to a MacBook. There is a catch, however. Apple is very stingy with the number of USB ports. This is where the  Satechi Type-C USB 3.0 3-in-1 Combo Hub comes in the picture. Plugin everything to your MacBook in one fine move.

Available on amazon.in. Visit www.satechi.net for details.

4. Bagel smart measure

For many years now I have seen my friends using different digital measuring tools on their visits to the sites. But this one I say, belongs to a different league. The Bagel smart measure is THE measuring tool you should use henceforth. From straight distances, to curve-linear measurements, everything is damn easy. It even has a supporting app for your smartphone.

Order one from their website www.bagel-labs.com.

5. Leap motion controller

I must admit that this one is not an absolute essential, like the others above. But the Leap motion controller is more like a fancy toy that can prep up your presentation skills and leave your audience spellbound. Architects are expected to create magic, aren’t they? Like Tony Stark uses his gestures in the Iron Man films, you too can control your computer screens purely by gesture control.
As it says on their website – ” The Leap Motion Controller lets you use your computer in a whole new way. Reach out and swipe, grab, pinch, or punch your way through the digital world.”

 Check out the store at www.leapmotion.com . They have other cool gadgets too, if you are a VR fanatic, but architects seldom are.

6. Pup scanner

The website claims that this is the world’s fastest scanner. Scan, stock, share all of your documents in one click. Now you might say that you have lots of apps that can make your phone work like an efficient scanner, but it’s always handy to have a device dedicated to the task of scanning at the office. And most apps will not match the speed and accuracy of this device.

Get one for yourself at www.pup-scan.com.

7.  SanDisk Wireless Connect Stick 256GB

This is in the market for quite some time now and I was surprised to hear about it so late. I mean this is a dream storage device everyone always wanted. This wireless flash drive enables lightning-fast storage and transfer of massive files from one iPhone or iPad to another iOS device, Mac, or PC, over a password-protected Wi-Fi network. And the latest version has a  huge 256GB capacity.

Available on www.amazon.in.

8. Slidenjoy

How many times have you felt frustrated with your laptop screen size, while working on a big site plan or any other expansive architectural drawing? The guys at Slidenjoy have a very cool solution for you. Just plug it into your laptop and you can have a very big workspace to use. Easy-peasy.

Get one for yourself at www.yourslide.com.

9.Olloclip iPhone 7 Core Lens Set

Architects love photography. They need it too. If you have a device that helps you to click really good photos, photos that can help you showcase your work like a real professional, wouldn’t you love it? The guys at Apple have done a great deal with their latest iPhone 7. Add the new Olloclip iPhone 7 Core Lens Set to your latest iPhone and you will be able to create magic with your photography. The lens set includes a fisheye lens, a 120º wide-angle lens, and a 15x macro lens, to give you a greater range of options when out shooting imagery for use in your design projects.

Available online on the US apple online store. Alternatively try www.ebay.in.

10. The Rocketbook series

The last and the best, probably. We started with a smart paper tablet. We end with a smart notebook, a real paper one. I am not sure if they use the real wood pulp, but this notebook sure is a thing from the future. You can write and sketch and instantly scan using a smartphone and send it to the cloud. Then you can just erase everything. How ? Just use your microwave. Interesting eh? Go get one for yourself.

The Rocketbook products are unfortunately unavailable in India. It’s a very new idea, picking up slowly. You can, however, order directly online and get it shipped from the US. Check out www.getrocketbook.com.


Sayantan GuptaAbout the author:

Sayantan is an avid architecture enthusiast. After graduating as an architect in 2001, he still pursues this vast domain with the energy and enthusiasm of a student.

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