Importance Of CRM In The Real Estate Industry

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are used extensively to primarily create and maintain strong customer relationships in the smoothest possible manner. CRM tools can be used to organize leads, track past conversations with clients, and stay up-to-date on follow-up activities.

Sales automation results in higher customer satisfaction and improves efficiency by 10-15%: McKinsey

That’s right. And the best part is that CRMs are usually integrated with a company’s other applications, such as email programs, accounting software, and sales. It’s a great way to manage both pre-sales and post-sales activities with features like real-time monitoring, payment management, etc. Organize and automate contacts, deals, and tasks and manage day-to-day operations seamlessly across devices all on the cloud.

Built to meet the unique demands of the real estate industry, HIVE 2.2 is a CRM fully developed in-house by Square One. It is our exclusive lead journey management software designed to develop focused, accurate, expansive and microscopic insights on leads.

5 Benefits of CRM in Real Estate 

If your goal is to build closer relationships with your customers, a CRM is an invaluable addition to your sales and marketing toolkit. Still, need convincing? Let’s go through a few key benefits of CRMs.

CRM boosts lead conversion

If anyone asks CRM, “What’s the purpose of your life?,” we imagine the answer to be lead conversion. CRM increases lead conversion with automation and by centralizing data. It maps user journeys, automatically, which is crucial for quality lead generation. By knowing where prospects typically fall in the decision-making process, you can direct your team’s efforts in a more targeted, efficient manner. Having this entire process automated means you get a jumpstart when there’s a warm lead by initializing quicker follow-up efforts.


Comprehensive insight into clients

Everyone agrees that your business is truly all about the customer. From the time you onboard a new client to invoicing and subsequent projects, a CRM system tracks every interaction to give you a 360-degree overview into the client’s unique preferences and requirements. Never forget important milestones like client anniversaries, birthdays, etc. which will make you their favourite real estate brand. That means there’s a ton of referrals coming your way!

Easy tracking and maintenance of leads

With a CRM you can truly be free from the shackles of follow-up messages and emails. Simply associate lead activities with different team members and set specific actions they need to take like submitting proposals or calling potential clients. A CRM can also alert you and your team to important milestones and deadlines, make sure everyone is on the same page with regard to tasks and projects, and monitor activity levels across the organization. Welcome to delegating with true purpose!

84% of customers value their experience with a company and it matters as much as the products and services. –  Salesforce

Automation of lead nurturing

Have you wondered how better you can customize your offerings to suit the unique needs of each client? The answer lies in a real estate CRM. Set up automated drip marketing funnels customized to your clients’ requirements. When the status of a lead changes it will be automatically updated in your database. Line up emails, tasks, notifications, etc. and set specific triggers. For instance, when using Salesforce you can set the system to update Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunity whenever a Lead status change occurs. Sounds like a load off, doesn’t it?

Security of leads

The biggest worry for any client is about the safety of their data. Creating a longstanding relationship also requires exchanging a lot of personal data. A real estate CRM provides the necessary security features, protecting clients’ data with several layers of protection like SSL technology, role-based logins, firewalls, monitoring and multifactor authentication. A CRM is a secret to peaceful sleep for you and your client.

It’s getting easier to find leads but it’s nurturing and maintaining them that takes all the effort. A CRM system helps you with exactly that. As a real estate business a CRM significantly improves your performance by eliminating human errors or missing customer queries. That’s what makes CRM a perfect little sidekick to your business.


About the author:
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