What Is A Digital Audit And Why Does Your Brand Need It?

A digital marketing audit is a review of whatever your business has been practicing online to reach its business goals.

Every real estate firm must examine their online presence from time to time as it highlights the errors in their online strategy and gives it an opportunity to steer themselves back on the right track. Without conducting a regular audit real estate firms might be wasting away their precious digital budget without receiving the possible outcome.

Digital audits are necessary because:

  • Most real estate firms have websites and basic so cial media presence, without actually evaluating their effectiveness
  • Digital trends are fast changing. Most digital assets become outdated if not actively pursued.
  • In real estate, digital assets are most used when there is a need to sell a project, these activities may be short termed and as the focus shifts away from project sales, these digital assets remain unattended.
  • A real estate firm typically goes through phases in operations, meaning, a lot of times the digital assets lie unattended.
  • A periodic digital asset audit helps your digital assets keep up with current market trends and requirements and ensures that the assets are correctly aligned to the company activities.

How To Conduct A Digital Audit

A digital audit includes an analysis of your complete online presence including your content creation, social media marketing, SEO and digital marketing.

Auditing Content

It is important to have a clear goal for your content, what does it need to communicate, who does it need to communicate it to and how is it going to help your brand!

Review your content and analyse the posts that have got the most engagement, likes and shares. Take note of the successful posts and build on them.

While you do this, get rid of non-performing posts with outdated information and a low creative output.

Auditing Social Media Performance

Having the right social media strategy is all about setting practical goals for your real estate firm, the key word being here is practical! Wanting ten thousand followers in 3 months and your content to go viral is possible, but not quite likely.

It’s important thus to set the right goals for your real estate firm, that are practical and achievable.

Real Estate Firms Need To Understand The Below:

  • What is the intent of your social media presence?
  • Have your social media pages helped increase the traffic to your website? If yes, then by how much and if no then you need to rethink why not!
  • What type of traffic are you generating? Ideally there should be a mix of new and repeat visitors.
  • How much time are people spending on the website?
  • Are you engaging your audience?
  • Has your brand awareness gone up?
  • What is the lead count generated? (Only in case of active campaigns)

Auditing SEO

Firstly your real estate firm must know what its intent is to use SEO! If your firm has been using an SEO strategy, the results should show! A good SEO strategy helps your website rise up in the search rankings and not the other way around. It’s important though to constantly keep a track of this as well as Google’s frequent updates in its search algorithm

A regular audit will help you in the following:

  • To gauge the rise and fall in the website rankings
  • Understand which are the most performing keywords
  • Keywords that are working for your competition
  • Key words which aren’t working
  • New keywords that can be used

For the real estate sector, it’s important to understand the effectiveness of SEO. The market is crowded with competitors and SEO takes time to give results apart from being expensive. If you are targeting immediate sales, it’s time to think whether you need to spend on SEO at all.

Auditing Your Website

If you haven’t corrected flaws on your website or checked it for a while, it can lead to a drop in search rankings.

You must also review if the first look of your website is still impressive? This is very important as you may have launched your website about 3 years back. It was great looking and appealing then. But does your website appeal to your target audience even today? Visual trends change, company profiles change, maybe back then you were highlighting your affordable housing project, but nowadays you work more in building commercial real estate.

Check your websites regularly for the following:

  • Do all the links function properly?
  • How much time does it take to load your website?
  • Are images loading correctly and is the text in place as it should be?
  • Are there any spam comments on your blog that need addressing?
  • Does the metadata need your attention to rewrite or is it fine?
  • Is all the information updated?


When you regularly audit your digital assets you will understand better what works and what doesn’t for your brand. Numbers don’t lie and if the data does suggest that something is not working for you, it’s up to you then to assess and make the changes for the betterment of your brand. When you audit your online assets regularly you can be assured of never going off track from your goal.

About the author:
Shadab Mujawar
Digital Marketing Expert

Square One Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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