The interiors of an Architect’s office

For every architect, his office is the blank canvas that presents boundless possibilities. It is his sanctuary and a rare opportunity to let his creativity and his vision come alive unabashedly to create a masterpiece. We can give you one perfect example of such work of art can be found at the new office of Shitesh Agrawal architects Pvt. Ltd.

The core focus of the thought and the process was to design exterior and interior spaces that would compliment each other.

The closeness of nature, inspired for a rustic outlook; a theme that emphasises on the time-worn, handcrafted, distressed elements, constructed in earthen materials or finished in a natural hue.

The designers have utilised materials such as leftover construction steel, exposed bricks, timber, concrete, insitu flooring and bamboo complements the design language. It has resulted in wide open spaces, heightened energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

Office has been planned to create efficient office environment while optimising the climatic response and the bamboo facade is used in an innovative manner to control the temperature of the office interiors.

Reception Lounge that consists double height space with indoor amphitheatre is the spine for the double floored office. A green wall backdrop and exposed brick wall along the amphitheatre compliments the use of earthen materials. Double height space at the entrance gives an imposing experience, with interconnecting steps to the upper floor.

The horizontal wooden band cladding running throughout the wall creates an anonymous connectivity/link within the space. The reception table holds the interest of the visitors with the in-built TV screen continuously displaying our projects. A glass is provided above the achievement shelf which gives a visual continuation of false ceiling.

Conference room – Retaining its rustic character while being a very modern aesthetic was to be achieved for this space. Conference table shape is developed keeping the functionality in mind, yet it is inordinately executed.

Instead of a linear conference table, a shape with one side inclined was invented to offer a clear vision to every person.

Office truly follows an “Open Door Policy” which allows it to create maximum transparent and interactive spaces.

The meeting room has been crafted to display the essence of core design philosophy with rustic aesthetics and affection towards nature.

Connection through glass bridge gives a tour of the milestones achieved till date.

Subtle design but strong expressions are blended to create a harmonic ambience for the MD cabin. The palette is simple, balanced and not conflicting the rustic outlook. The main table is designed with a single natural wooden top giving an imperious outlook supported with off-center fabrication detail.

The work spaces infuse the inner spaces with diffused lighting. A clean and minimal studio desk design and skilful use of the existing infrastructure of columns integrated with tables and other furniture creates an apparatus for work with minimal intervention.

Ar. Shitesh Agrwal in office

The Principle Architect Shitesh Agrawal has created a unique harmony of modernity and rustic outlook all the while ensuring one of the most efficient working environments. The utilised materials like leftover construction steel, concrete, natural stone, brick, in situ flooring, bamboo, aesthetically compliment the rustic outlook. The forethought in planning and execution makes this commercial space, a great example for the efficient use of electricity, water and other resources.

One thought on “The interiors of an Architect’s office

  1. One of the best offices seen till date.Every minute aspect n details have been taken into consideration.A perfect combination of modern design n rustic look n to add spice to it are the natural products used.
    Keep it up Shitesh n team.

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