How To Strengthen Your Real Estate Brand With Digital Marketing

Heard of Archana Doshi? Ranveer Allahabadia? Shivya Nath? They’re all well-known social media influencers who help industries break into profits. They are a cost-effective, powerful way of increasing brand recall and trust in your product. 

Real estate is no exception. Prior to Covid-19, 80% of the homebuying journey began online, according to   ANAROCK Consultants.    Now, it’s all set to become entirely digital as companies start following the ‘new norms’ and aggressively adopt technology.

What does a digital marketing strategy entail?

What exactly is a digital marketing strategy? Essentially, it’s a plan that tells you how to optimize your online channels to achieve your business goals. For a successful strategy you need to start with the basics – defining brand strategy, business objectives, target audience and competitor analysis.

At the end of it, you should know which platform is right for you. Are your buyers on Instagram? Are they on Facebook? The strategy should answer that.

Why is digital marketing important for real estate?

It’s becoming  increasingly important   for real estate agents to go social and digital to promote their businesses. Why? Because your customers are all there! You’re probably missing out on a huge chunk of your audience who are, at this moment, typing away trying to find the “best real estate agent near me.”

Have a good digital marketing strategy helps reach these audiences and also strengthen and build a credible real estate brand by helping you:

  • boost traffic to your website and get more conversions 
  • get more referrals
  • step up your brand value and stand out among competitors
  • cater to audience needs at a more targeted and specific level

Ah, now you might be throwing up your hands in the air and telling yourself, “I’m not a marketing person!” or “I don’t know social media!” Worry not, that’s why we wrote this blog post.

Here are three long-term digital marketing strategies that will help you get started on finding your way around in the digital marketing world.

Create content relevant for your audience

For you to stay relevant and be visible to your audience you need to create content that answers questions they’re looking for. Is this neighborhood safe? How do I get property deed done?

Audiences respond best to content that is not only informative but also entertaining. Write thought leadership posts, show how your company gives value, and develop content that highlights your brand’s style. Don’t forget to add in important keywords for better search results too.

Build a social media strategy

Wait, a social media strategy is different from a digital marketing strategy? Yes, it is. Digital marketing comprises multiple mediums like social media, websites, etc. Social media is a huge part of it and if you really want tangible results you would need a basic strategy in place to unify your brand message and values across all relevant platforms. In many ways, the use of social media is the foundation of the   “one voice” strategy   for businesses.

Get a feature-rich website

When you need to know something about a product or brand, where do you go first? Apart from Googling, you do check out their website to know more about the company, their experience, etc.

That’s why a feature-rich website is an absolute must-have for real estate businesses too. It’s probably where your audience gets their first impression of you and, as you know, that matters. It plays a vital role in consistent engagement, lead generation and nurturing if you optimize your SEO and incorporate the relevant CTAs. Establish your authority by communicating the quality and range of your services. Let the reader know who you are and what you offer them with confidence.

Boosting your brand presence and recall now demands a consistent online presence and effective communication of your brand identity. That can only be done by evolving not just as a brand but also as a digital marketer. Ok, now we’re going to check Facebook for the best real estate brand who can help us with property rentals. Are you there?

About the author:
Anisha Shetty
Google Ads Specialist
Square One Communications LLP.

Anisha, our Google Ads specialist has over 4 years of experience in the media industry. Prior to joining Square One, Anisha has worked with many prominent industry giants, like Viacom 18, H&M, and Zomato. Her diverse experience and strategizing to yield calculated results aids in excellent adaption to the changing digital landscape.

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