Remember the brilliant ‘daag acche hain’ campaign by Surf Excel? Hashtags trending on Twitter, a raging surge in app downloads. It was the talk of the town! It was a game changer for the Surf Excel brand, winning them not just awards but also faithful customers.


Because it was a 360-degree marketing campaign.

What is a 360-degree campaign?

Encompassing a marketing mix targeting every element of a brand, a 360-degree campaign focuses on cohesive message delivery across various points of consumer contact. It’s all about having a holistic approach and strategic positioning, making it a much sought-after technique. How does it work?

Let’s take an example.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says Dunkin’ Donuts? Why, donuts of course! However, they also wanted people to associate their coffee with the brand.

That’s how people riding buses in Seoul began to get a subtle aroma of coffee as soon as the Dunkin’ Donuts ad aired on the radio. To reinforce the idea further, Dunkin Donuts billboards everywhere now featured coffee.

The impact? Dunkin’ Donuts received 16% more visitors, and the outlets located near bus stops witnessed a sales increase of 29%. This is how the 360-degree campaign weaves its magic!

When Should You Use a 360-Degree Campaign?

Changing brand strategy – When refreshing your brand’s entire look or approach.

Tailored campaigns – Special occasions like festivals or holidays need special reinforcements to get ahead of the competition.

Turn old products around – To boost sales of an underperforming product or when renewing an old product.

Launch new products – New products require more of your customer’s attention.

What’s in it for you?

  • Strong lead generation

Establish where your customers are from, engage them with the right content at the right time, and see increased conversions!

  • Tailored customer preferences

With the growth of networking, provide specially engineered content based on your customer’s preferences and boost sales.

  • A 360-degree view of your product

Stitch all the points of contact of the brand with the customer together, and offer a 360-degree view of your product, carefully integrating it in each one of their interactions, offering a complete view of your product that they cannot refuse!

  • Brand loyalty

By creating a cohesive experience for your customer, you are building brand awareness and trust. When they know and trust you, they seek you out for additional products as well. With ads that are repeated but not repetitive, you can build brand recognition, which ultimately gives in to brand loyalty!

According to a study by Aberdeen Group, companies that go all-in with the 360-degree campaign witness a 9.5% year-over-year increase in annual revenue.

In fact, Gartner Research says that campaigns involving 4 or more digital channels outperform the ones with lesser channels by 300%.

It is no secret that marketing leaders now increasingly prefer the 360-degree campaign. Think of it as an investment in your brand, which gives you rich returns. Take a leaf  from Sulekha’s anti-jugaad campaign – don’t resort to jugaad, and shell out that extra buck!

About the author:
Satyajeet Ratnaparkhi
Account Director & Head of Operations
Square One Communications LLP.

Satyajeet takes the lead as the Account Director and Head of Operations at Square One, bringing with him an expertise of 7+ years in the advertising industry.
He is avid movie buff, is extremely passionate about sports in general and winning games in particular.

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