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10 must have pens for an architect

Pens are an inseparable part of an architect’s kit. Sketching, scribbling, taking notes, an architect’s pen should be very functional, with a smooth flow, and make a style statement too. Let’s have look at the most impressive style statements available in the market today in form of pens. Remember an architect’s pen should look the designer stuff. Mont Blancs don’t belong in the league. It’s not the price, it’s the creative demeanour that matters.

 1. Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint

The Caran d’Ache 849 has everything you need to make a statement in your office. Though this pen may not be as flamboyant as others in the list, it can be your go to pen on your desk, and it does make a strong impression. Sturdy aluminium construction, Swiss-made quality, and an angular design that means business. And you have a lot of colours to chose from.

Easily available on all popular online stores like or

2.  Lamy Safari (fountain pen)

The Lamy safari is the most iconic pen in the series. The reason being that it’s a great pen to write with, brilliant in looks and comes quite cheap as compared to all the rivals mentioned here. The colours appeal both young and old. Suits a student of architecture and also his mentor.

Available online on all portals and your favourite stationery stores in the city. Go for a bold colour, gives you that designer look. Black, white and greys are too modest for a designer.

3. Lamy 2000

Some call it the style icon of the pen world. This Red dot design award winner is respected by every pen lover likes to own a Lamy 2000. The Lamy 2000, is made of a combination of Makrolon (black fibreglass) and brushed stainless steel. This is for the more mature and more evolved, say about 10 years into the practice or the young associate in the big firm.

Get yourself one at, whoever offers the cheapest.

4. Pilot Vanishing Point

From the whole lot, this pen is unique in the way that its a capless fountain pen (with a retractable nib). For most, it’s a novelty. Created in 1964 to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics, this pen was one of Pilot’s greatest achievements. How does it work?  A simple push-button withdraws the nib into the body, closing an airtight seal behind it to prevent it from drying out. Innovative yes, style statement – definitely. For Architects who care a lot about technology and design, there can be no better example.

This pen is easily available in most stationery and online stores. Try to look for the prestigious Namiki Raden, it’s a notch above, and very elusive in India.

5. TechLiner Titanium by Ti2Design

If you have loved the MacBooks that you use for its all aluminium body, you will like this all Titanium pen, made of Full CP2 grade 2 titanium. Remember the Rotrings that we used in our college days? The Techliner will remind you of that with its exposed needle point writing tip. It almost looks like a pen meant to do technical drawings, with a high level of precision. Like everything about an Apple product, this pen has tremendous attention to detail. If you like precision, go for it.

Not available in India. You might get one from your trips abroad, or maybe you can order directly from the company website at

6. Faber-Castell Ondoro Oak Wood Fountain Pen

Faber-Castell Ondoro Oak Wood Fountain Pen is the boldest pens in the list here. Every architect will love to own one. Though there are many other wood barrelled pens available out there; this one has a perfect mix of real wood and steel. The pen seems to has an interesting geometry, structurally constituted of two overlapping hexagonal barrels – one wood and other chrome, with domed ends. Bold and minimalistic both in terms of form and function. And if you believe in function over form; the nib works heavenly. It literally glides across the paper.


Very easily available in most stationery stores in your city or order online.

7. Sheaffer Ferrari 100 Red

This one has a lot of bling, especially for the price tag it carries.  The  Sheaffer Ferrari 100 Red fountain pen is a quality writing instrument, manufactured to Sheaffer’s high exceptional quality and driven by Ferrari’s branding and looks. Available in a black colour too, but come on.  A Ferrari has got to be red right? The slippery metal grip is a very small inconvenience for any architect starting his practice and loves flamboyance.

Available on all online stores. You may just like the ball point in the same series.

8. Porsche 3140 Shake Pen ballpoint

To Porsche now. The difference here is Porsche makes the instrument itself, unlike the Ferrari above. As the company website states – “Technique in perfection. The ball pen is characterized by its innovative shake technology. With a brief wrist movement, it is ready to write. Repeat the same motion and the refill disappears into the barrel.” Wow ! That’s innovative, ain’t it?

Indian websites show it a little too pricey. Make sure you get yours in the range of INR 7K.

9. Cognac Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Fountain Pen

Well, this one is for the distinguished architect, the mentor to the many aspiring budding architects. I will quote directly from their website ” The Guilloche writing instruments made of precious resin are distinguished by a special process. Each one is engraved individually using a method otherwise reserved for jewellery or silver accessories. The barrel is then hand-lacquered and repeatedly polished.The result is a unique and most interesting surface texture. No two writing implements are identical: each is an individual example of the craftsman’s art.”  Add to that a handmade 18-carat gold nib, rhodium plated, run in by hand. Naturally, it’s a bit expensive.

Available on Flipkart for around 17.5 K. Try other sites for a range of available colours.

10. The KOSMOS Pen

Well, designers, this is THE pen for you all. This is a pen which won the 2016 red dot award- best of the best. That is the highest product design award anything can get. Why ? Loads of reasons. The minimalistic design of KOSMOS is based on a universal pattern of nature: the Golden Ratio which can be credited for the pen’s harmonic aesthetic and turns out to be ergonomic too. Each part of KOSMOS is lathed from a solid block of a highly durable aluminium alloy. Known for its strength, this material is often used in aerospace engineering. I could go on and on about this pen. Buy one and explore it yourself. And if you are a Mac user, it’s a perfect compliment to your computer.

Get yourself one from the manufacturer’s website If given a choice to buy only one pen from the above list I would definitely go for the Kosmos, the Titanium body one, which is a little more expensive than the others.

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Sayantan is an avid architecture enthusiast. After graduating as an architect in 2001, he still pursues this vast domain with the energy and enthusiasm of a student.

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